January 15, 2018

January has been a busy month already and I hope your 2018 is going great! I hope you are joining me every morning for our 31 Day Challenge. It has been good for me to really think even more about each chapter as I read it the day before and then again that morning. I hope the videos on Facebook have at least been somewhat helpful. It’s amazing how starting our day with God’s Word can have such a positive impact on our entire day and week.
Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and I want to say a brief word about this day and what it means for us. When I think of MLK Day I think about the man, his message, and about the state of race relations in the US. I am saddened by how much racial issues still plague our nation. My dream is much like Dr. King’s dream that one day “little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.” I often wonder why we fight over something like the color of our skin. But of course it often goes much deeper than that and I fully plead ignorance to understanding the complexity of the situation. I know I am not proactive enough in bringing about this dream. For me, I have always done my best to treat all men as equals as God’s word tells us to do. I was raised by a father who definitely had a racial bias. I can remember once later in his life when he and my mother went to Africa on a mission trip and there he had the privilege of preaching to large crowds of people who probably came out to see this “big white man.” And when he came back and was telling me about seeing dozens and dozens of people come to Christ, with tears in his eyes he described it as one of the greatest moments of his life. And I was moved and I said but these people were all black . . . why is it different there than here? And he could not really give me an answer, but I realized it was more about the culture than it was the color of their skin. He had been raised to be that way by a culture and family that said blacks were not equal. I always rebelled against that even as a child. But I have learned that it is not enough just to be “color blind.” We must be proactive in reaching out to people of all races and colors and cultures. The world is not all like us. In fact, most of the world is not like me in color or culture. We must focus not on what divides us but on what we share in common. We must focus on the gospel message. We must focus on Jesus who came for all people. I don’t pretend to have all the answers when it comes to race relations but I want to encourage each of you reading this today, whether you are white or black or brown or red, to realize that God died for all of us and His desire is that we learn to love each other as He first loved us!!
As most of you know we are excited about a lot of events coming up in the next few months. One event is called One Cry and I will be sharing more about it in the days ahead. We are considering the possibility of moving the scheduled date back by one week from the current date of March 16-18 to March 23-25. We are considering this to avoid any Spring Break conflicts. Please let me know if this presents any further conflicts for you and your family and we will make a decision this week. Thanks.
I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?