October 16, 2017

It’s a beautiful Fall Monday morning and a day to rejoice in the Lord! My prayer today is that we continue to thank God for His Grace to us today! How can we be anything less than positive and passionate about Him when He has done so much for us? How can we not want to tell everyone we meet about a God that saved us from an eternity of darkness and damnation? It’s good to be alive today!!

If you missed our Missions Conference over the weekend you missed a blessing. I loved how different our two missionaries were and yet the message was the same. They have served in very different countries and cultures and yet the message is the same. They grew up in different American cultures and are from different generations and yet the message is the same. It doesn’t matter if we are serving Jesus in Malaysia or Zambia or Fort Worth, Texas, the message is the same. The challenge is the same. In some regards we have it tougher here. When missionaries go on the field they can’t help but be reminded every single day of why they are there. The different culture and often a different language and the distance from family and friends and the strange food are a constant reminder that “we aren’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.” For us, we fall into a routine because we are surrounded by familiarity and comfort and ease. It is easy for us to get lost in a culture and to be saturated by a media that convinces us life is about something else. We are like the frog in the kettle and we slowly but surely lose our way. We forget why we are here. We forget our purpose. We lose our passion because of the call of comfort and the right of routine. But in another sense it is much easier for us to share the love of Jesus right here than it is for those missionaries in a foreign land. We know the language. We know the culture. We know the environment. We know the people because in many cases they are just like us. We get the jokes and we can read their faces. These are all things our missionaries overseas struggle to overcome and yet here we sit with no such obstacles. Our biggest obstacles? As I mentioned a few weeks ago . . . Fear and Apathy. Those are the things we fight against. Thank you to Kenny Vines and Bill Lawson for reminding us that our mission field starts right here. And it start TODAY!!

Thanks to all of those who came out to our Block Party last night at the Union Square Apartments. We had an amazing time just serving people and listening to people and sharing with people. We served over 150 hot dogs and I know I had a chance to interact with dozens of people. Many of us established that first step of building a relationship with a lot of people that live not far from our church. We had excellent help from many of you who came out and worked and played and talked and shared with an area of our city that needs Jesus. May we continue to reach out to these kids and families in the name of Jesus Christ. Hopefully more of you will join us for our next Block Party which is already in the planning phases!!

I am ON MISSION Today! Are You?


P.S. I was gonna say Boomer Sooner today but I didn’t want to offend anyone. So, uhhh, wait, I think I already did.